Do you have a new home with a blank canvas or an existing landscape that needs a makeover or a new design?  We offer a one hour consultation to discuss your project.  This is a time to share ideas, give advice, ask questions in order to make sure we can be of the upmost service to you.  This time is very valuable because it allow us to come back to you, not with a boiler plate estimate, but a comprehensive proposal based on your dreams/desires, and within the budget that you are allowing for a project that will last a lifetime. There is no cost for this consultation.  

Custom Landscape Design For Homeowners

Whether you have just purchased a home with no landscaping, or you want to remodel your existing landscaping, we can provide a custom design taking elements you would like to have, and creatively putting into a design.  The process is interactive.  We take the information from our first consultation, and start with a series of drafts with changes as the process continues.  We provide a finished design, in CAD format, both digital and hard copy, with description of all materials used.  We will also provide a copy in a presentation format to present to any HOA or CAB.  

Landscape Designs and HOA Submission Packages for Contractors

Most new homes being built require landscaping to be done in a set time frame after purchase.  Part of that process is submitting a plan with various requirements to the HOA, CAB or ARC.  The designs that must be submitted can be very time consuming, and it is not what you do best, which is installation.  We can put your proposal into a design for you and full package to submit to the HOA to meet all requirements and see it through the approval process and free up your time to do what you do best...install your projects.