Frequently Asked Questions

What type of designs do you do?

We design and consult on a variety of custom landscape designs and installations.  All of our work is custom, per customers requests and desires.   We have done designs for very simple back yards in new build areas, and aided in getting them approved through the CAB or HOA, up to projects up to over $1/2 million make-overs.   

Once the design is done...what then?

During the design process, as we see the direction the project is going, we will help you find a contractor that will suit you and your project.  We will make sure that we introduce you to a contractor from our list of qualified landscapers that can give you the best service at a fair price.  But...we do not get any type of financial compensation from the contractor, or are we paid any type of referral fee, so there is no conflict of interest.   Or only compensation from a contractor is to see our design become a reality and done perfectly.